Carlisle Sentinels @ Northumberland Lightning

Last Sunday, as previously advertised Carlisle Sentinels traveled across to play to Northumberland Lightning in an evening game at Gateshead International Stadium, under the floodlights.

With both teams ready to go, there was an unexpected delay – problems with the medical staff present affecting the kickoff time and the “game” status itself.

Thankfully, Carlisle are a very accommodating team and with qualified coaches stepping in to help officiate, both teams were happy to continue in the resulting scrimmage.

On the pitch, it was hugely competitive with both teams, who could potentially line up again as league opposition next year – keen to show their talent.

A high tempo opening saw Sentinels hit first, with a fantastic weighted pass into the home teams end-zone for the Touchdown, before the Lightning struck back immediately, with RB Andy Newton taking the ball 80 yards for an unbelievable run, resulting in a Touchdown also.

After this, both teams settled into a hard-fought encounter, with the defenses working hard.
The Lightnings D forcing 3 interceptions in a really positive display and QB Stuart Dick putting in a great performance, with a notable keeper run being stopped on the 1 yard marker.

Also a mention for LB Dale Clarke, who scored scored his first Touchdown. Carlisle snapped the ball from shotgun but ends in a fumble – the QB recovers but was tackled by LB Ben Harris, setting the ball free once again and Clarke collected for the TD.

Below are some of the best images from the match;


Photo credit to ©dfp – David Fletcher Photography


Photo credit to ©A.J.Thompson


Photo credit to ©dfp – David Fletcher Photography


Photo credit to ©A.J.Thompson

The club would like to again thank Carlisle Sentinels for coming across and for their professionalism, especially given the opening delay – hopefully both teams will have the opportunity to go at it again next year!  We wish them the best until then.

If you live in the Carlisle area and are interested in playing, check out their Facebook page

We also have a full gallery of photographs from the game available on the Northumberland Lightning Facebook Page (albums), click here to view!