Match Report – Northumberland Lightning @ Dundee Hurricanes 24.07.16

The Lightning crossed the Scottish border for their 3rd successive away trip last Sunday to visit the Dundee Hurricanes for an afternoon kick off at Morgan Rugby Club.

Northumberland and Dundee had met 3 times previously (1-2) with the most recent encounter being a 14-0 victory for Dundee on match day 4 at Ashington Rugby Club, which had seen the Hurricanes edge the game in the second half after a scoreless end to end first half.

Northumberland headed into the game making several changes, most notably Stu Dick stepping back into the role of QB in the absence of QB Callum Pattison and being forced to implement formation changes to counter the loss of several key defensive players through injury- including all of the seasons starting LBs.

However, numbers could be of no excuse as Dundee took to the field with a similar sized squad and put the Lightning to the sword with unexpected ease. A high tempo opening half immediately put Northumberland on the defence as Dundee found the end-zone quickly, much to the frustration of the Northumberland team.

Picture courtesy of

Picture courtesy of S.R. Wood Sport Photography

The game became even harder when Northumberland lost QB Stu Dick at the beginning of Q3 and had to rely on FB Scott Radford to step forward.

There were glimpses of a fight back, most notably from three Northumberland defence who had three interceptions but these couldn’t be capitalised on, with drives often shut down by a solid Dundee defence.

Whilst there was no lack of passion or heart from the Northumberland team, no excuses can be made for the poor performance on the field, in what became an unexpectedly one sided affair.

The Lightning have one week to re-group before a visit from likely Division Champions Newcastle Vikings (H) on 7.8.16 and a final away trip to Carlisle Sentinels on 14.8.16.