120days – A Big Thank You!


Over the last summer, our club took part in a special challenge to raise money for worthwhile local causes.

For those who aren’t familiar with the background, previous Head Coach Mal Ditcham was inspired by the phenomenal work of home game sponsors Punch Drunk Comedy in raising money during their events for movements such as #CaringforKian.
Mal issued a challenge to the Lightning members to raise as much money as possible across the season.  “120 Days” was born and the beneficiaries nominated as; Bradley’s Smile Trust, Princess Ellie’s Trust, Nathan’s NeedsJohn Joseph’s Journey and finally Melanie’s Mission.

Between May to August, our members took part in various activities including;
weight loss challenges, bake sales, tug of war, auctions, 62 mile Northumberland Coastline walks, blood drives, 84 mile Hadrians Wall walks, a fully kitted Great North 10k, Gung Ho 5k obstacle course and much, much more.

Our followers, friends, opponents and all involved gave generously and we found local companies helping out too, such as Wolfe & Crown who held a gift raffle and kindly donated their profits!

The fundraising ended back in August and after collecting the funds in, we raised a total of £2300.00 to be split between the five causes, an incredible amount which is now being paid out.

We would like to thank everyone who took part, got involved, supported us, gave generously or helped us in this campaign… it truly is appreciated by us and by those who will be receiving the money raised.

Thank you!


120days update – “Bring on the wall”


On our last update, the club had been busy with blood drives, coastal walks, tug of wars and bake sales. Well, since then, the team has stepped it up.

Back on 2nd July, members and supporters of the club took part in the Gung Ho 5K obstacle course, to raise money for our campaign – which looked like hard work but a LOT of fun.
Then, the following day, members of the club ran the Great North 10k – IN FULL KIT!  It was a great effort which generated a lot of publicity and media interest, including a mini appearance on BBC Look North News!





Then, we were honoured to find out that men’s grooming company, Wolfe and Crown were stepping up to help us in our fight. The relationship between club and company has grown over the last 12 months, with club captain Jack Johnson an ambassador the company and their products. So, we were honoured to find out that the company were celebrating their one year birthday by holding a raffle, with the proceeds going to the #120days campaign – an amazing gesture!! (You can still enter until 1st August- click here!) or visit their Facebook Page to support them!

Finally, coming THIS WEEK is our final event. Head Coach Mal Ditcham and Club Captain Jack Johnson (JJ) are taking on the challenge of walking all 84 miles of Hadrian’s Wall, starting in Bowness-on-Solway Thursday morning and finishing at Wallsend on Sunday lunchtime.
They will be documenting their adventure through the Instagram account @Bringonthewall so follow them for live updates!

To make matters better (or worse?) – for every donation of £5 or more made before the walk, if you use the phrase “Wax Him” – Mal gets to wax a strip of hair from his legs. There will be a live Facebook video too. Worth every penny.

Whilst we are some way off our original target, the with the 120 days of fundraising nearly over we are currently sitting at £1857 worth of online donations from 71 supporters – plus some heft offline funds too. That is superb!   …. BUT we have a few days left, so let’s have one final push and see what we can achieve for these worthy causes. Please visit out donation page here and give generously!

120days update – 36 days to go!


So far the club have raised £1481 – an incredible achievement but obviously a long way to go and time is running out.
So, between away games, the big fundraising events have started now – beginning last Thursday with a team trip to give blood.

Then, ex player and current committee member Kevin Randall walked the Northumberland Coastal Path in 3.5 days – that’s a staggering 62 miles!
Kev ended his walk at our Sunday training session and received a well deserved round of applause from some very appreciative players.

It won’t stop there either. We have players taking part in the Gung Ho 5k race this Sunday and then the Great North 10k (in full kit!) this coming Sunday.

We need YOUR help us raise money for our local charities – please visit out donation page  here and give generously!

120days update – 62 days to go!


62 days remaining in our #120days challenge and we are another £500 up from a fortnight ago, putting us at the 20% mark but with the big events set to begin as we enter June!
Throughout May we have seen some very generous donations from you all, so thank you!

There has been overwhelming support and donations for Offensive Lineman Liam Stevenson and his weight loss challenge, which has seen him smash it and lose 37.9 lbs in this recent stage and a staggering 7.5 stone loss overall – unbelievable.


Head Coach Mal Ditcham fed some hungry workers with his American Football themed bake sale, selling out within 10 minutes!


Then, last Sunday, headed by Offensive Lineman Gary Christie, a small team of Lightning players attending the “Shave by the shore” tug of war at the Newbiggin beach Fayre and as a result, received a generous £50 donation!

Tug of war

We have also had a Newcastle United shirt auctioned off by Mr Conley and much much more and donations fly in for the activities lined up in June and July, such as the blood drive, Northumberland Coastal Path Walk, Great North 10k and Hadrians Wall Walk.

To keep up to date with the fundraising events, keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information.

Or, if you want to sponsor us in our challenge, our JustGiving page can be found here!

#120days challenge update – 86 days to go!


86 days remaining and we have £4750 left to raise in our #120days challenge!
….So it’s a good job the lads at the Lightning have been busy making plans! The next few months (in between games) we are aiming to pick up momentum with our fundraising efforts. As it stands, we have members planning to participate in the following events:
-June 23rd – Northumberland Coastal Path Walk
-July 2nd – Gung Ho 5k
-July 3rd – Greak North 10k (in full kit!)
-July 28th – 30th – Hadrians Wall Walk
-Lb for £ – Weight Loss Challenge
-Summer Blood Drive
-Workplace Bake Sales
… & many many more to be announced!
To help promote the charities, each day this week on our Facebook page we will be writing about one of the charities involved, so keep an eye on our page for more information.

If you want to sponsor us in our challenge, our JustGiving page can be found here!

Lightning begin #120days challenge


Last week, the club announced our first game day sponsor would be Punch Drunk Comedy Club and we highlighted the good work both their team and the community have done in raising money for charities – such as the #CaringforKian campaign.

Inspired by this, Lightnings Head Coach Mal Ditcham has challenged the team to raise as much money as possible in the next 120 days, all aimed at supporting local charities.

Individual and group events over the course of our season will see our members push themselves in a variety of different challenges including running a 10k race in full kit, completing a 5k obstacle course, blood drives and much, much more.

At the end of 120 days the funds raised will be donated to the charities supported by our friends at Punch Drunk Comedy Club- including Bradley’s Smile Trust, Princess Ellie’s Trust, Nathan’s Needs and John Joseph’s Journey.

To help achieve this goal, the club has launched a JustGiving Crowdfunding page where contributors and sponsors can donate to help us complete this challenge.
So keep following the developments on our social media pages and dig deep!

Update (11/4/16) – We are pleased to announce that we will now also be supporting Melanie’s Mission in our #120days challenge.