2016 Committee

President – Carl Gibson

Secretary & Welfare – Michael Raven

Treasurer – Samantha Fowler

Social Media – Lee Davison

Youth Development – Jack Johnson

Recruitment – Stuart Dick

Committee Member – Kevin Randall 


Head Coach – Dale Clarke

Assistant Head Coach – Mark Nicholson

Offensive Co-Ordinator – Chris Young

Defensive Co-Ordinator – Ben Littlewood


#4 (DB) Chris Pringle

#5 (QB) Stuart Dick

#8 (FB) Scott Radford

#11 (LB) Alex Shellard

#12 (QB/WR) Callum Pattinson

#13 (WR) George Allsopp

#17 (QB) Reece Salkeld

#19 (DB) Kyle Young

#20 (HB) Dale Merritt

#21 (DB) Damien Tinlin

#22 (CB) Michael Raven

#23 (WR) Jason Quigley

#26 (S) Jordan Nellis

#27 (LB) Dale Clarke

#38 (LB) Nathan Roberts

#41 (S) Ben Littlewood

#42 (DB) Dale Conley

#47 (LB) Lewis Gibson

#48 (DT) Tom McKale

#50 (CB) Paul Blackburn

#51 (OL) Carl Gibson

#58 (DL) Roy Boucher

#62 (OL) Ian Atkinson

#65 (OL) Gary Elliott

#66 (DT) Sean Hall

#74 (DL) Joe Mack

#75 (OL) Mal Ditcham

#77 (DL/LB) Graeme Fowler

#78 (LB) Sam Cave

#82 (WR) Michael Edwards

#83 (TE/WR/FB) Chris Young

#85 (TE) Lee Davison

#87 (TE) Ross Conley

#88 (WR) Carl Charlton

#92 (WR) Chris Hedley

#95 (LB) Eddie Chater

#97 (FB) Gary Cooper

#99 (DL) Jack Johnson


2 thoughts on “Members

  1. Hi, my son Thomas is thinking of coming along to join. Could you give me any more information on training please. He’s nearly 16yrs old and I’m just wondering if you have other members of a similar age?
    I look forward to hearing from you,

  2. Hi Claire,
    Whilst players must be aged 18+ for competitive fixtures and for contact training, we are able to accommodate players under 18 for training and we do have several participants of the same age currently training with the squad.
    If you can get in touch with us at we’ll email you with all the information!

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